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Drunken Bumpkin is not for the faint of heart. We frequently use graphic and offensive language as well as innuendos and satire that might upset some people. We don’t necessary believe or condone anything that we say. (Also there will be boobs and spoilers!)

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Body Melt

Body melt w/ extra cheese     Those Aussies/and/New Zealanders seemed to make the damnedest things in the nineties. Body Melt just so happens to be one of those damn things. The brain child of Philip Brophy, whom you may or may not know from a sort of weird, possibly […]

Stripped to Kill

Pole Position Strippers, slashers, strippers getting slashed, all of these things seem like a surefire way on paper to make a film a guaranteed good time. Stripped to Kill manages to bungle all of this somehow into a barely watchable slog of a film (which is hard to believe since […]

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