Mad Max – Fury Road

scene from the movie

Firstly, thank you George Miller for making a new Mad Max film that doesn’t completely suck ass or ruin the franchise. Secondly, fuck you for not letting Mad Mel continue playing the character that he got famous (even if he may or may not be a walking, bipolar, Jew hating, […]


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Arnold in a zombie film! What more badass of a thing could you ask for? Jesus I’m so ecxited! Wait……what? It isn’t really a zombie film? Oh…’s more of a drama film that just happens to have zombies in it? Well does Arnold still get to kick any zombie ass? […]

Malabimba: The Malicious Whore

movie scene

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned malicious whore? I know I do. Malabimba is one hell of a malicious whore and the film bearing her name is one hell of a slutty malicious movie. Andrea Bianchi directed this fine piece of euro sleaze and that isn’t surprising as most […]


movie scene

Moebius by Kim Ki-duk is a good film. There ya go that’s all you really need.  This was an impulse watch and I went in knowing nothing besides the gimmick of the film (there is no talking in this movie). I recommend anyone watching this to go in completely blind, […]

My Bloody Valentine

A little heart goes a long way   Valentines day sucks! At least, it certainly does for the people living in the town of Valentines Bluff which suffered a violent tragedy at the hands of deranged killer Henry Warden 20 years ago. Such is the premise of My Bloody Valentine; […]