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Nekromantik will only appeal to a small group of viewers that aren’t easily offended or grossed out; but for those willing to give it a look, they’ll find one of the most beautiful and lovingly made films about sex after death that has ever been created. For those who don’t […]

Nekromantik 2

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Nekromantik 2 is a well done, finely crafted film in its own right. However, coming fairly hot off the heels of Nekromantik 1, the film is a slightly different yet pale shadow of its older brother. Much of Nekromantik 2 feels like a slightly lesser film that still deals with […]

Neon Demon, the

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. With his new film The Neon Demon, Nicolas Winding Refn has created a slick, stylish, sexy, low on dialogue, high on style film, that will undoubtedly be a love it or hate it affair with anybody who comes into contact with it. […]

Night of the Lepus

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Sometimes silly movies with ridiculous premises just work. It’s no surprise then that so many people attempt to make silly ridiculous films and end up making a piece of crap; such is the case with Night of the Lepus. Night of the Lepus is one of those animal gone crazy […]

Night of the Wild

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Once I saw that the film I was watching was associated with The Asylum I should have just stopped. Unfortunately for me, I have a ridiculous urge to finish films that I start no matter how fucking dumb they are; that’s where Night of the Wild comes in. An ugly […]



Sometimes there are films that come along that aren’t very good but are just about as good as they need to be. Nightwatch is such a film (and it disappoints me that it was rather poorly received at the time of its release). The film is a remake of a […]


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It began with a medical procedure gone oh so wrong and it ended with me watching James Bell jerk off his impressive looking dong. I’m talking about Nutsack which is the latest film from underground director James Bell and is one hell of a forty five minute ride. Nutsack is […]