Odd Thomas

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Facebook friend Josh Cano told me to watch this one and I liked it a lot more than Stitches so at least it has that going for it. I might be in the minority here (not really sure because I slept on this film for a while) but Odd Thomas […]


Dario Argento has had his ups and downs through his career but rest assured that his ups are more than worthy of a viewing. Opera is in my personal opinion the last “great” Argento film (until he proves me wrong). It contains all the hallmarks of the classic Argento films […]


movie scene

Renato Polselli might be a name that only has relevance to fans of Italian genre fare, but for those who are aware of his work his name certainly conjures up images of sleazy and deranged films. I’ve personally only seen three or four Polselli films in my life but I’m […]