Parents just don’t understand   If you thought your parents were weird you ain’t seen nothing yet! Parents is a weird and usually overlooked little film from the tail end of the eighties that was directed by Bob Balaban (who most know as either Russell the president of NBC on […]


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Good ol’ Dario Argento; by far my favorite director of all time and a man who once made the most awesome and stylish films this side of the horror genre. It is true that Argento has fallen on some hard times and hasn’t put out films of the same level […]

Phantasm 5: Ravager

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I’m a bit slow to the game, but Phantasm 5 is finally here. I admit to not being the biggest Phantasm “phan” or whatever they call themselves; However, I do admit to liking most of the Phantasm series so far in one way or another (I really like the original […]

Plague 2, the

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I put The Plague 2 on almost completely blind. I knew it had something to do with zombies and the familiar ground of “post-apocalypse” fiction; however, in all honesty, I have never seen the original The Plague so I had no idea what I was in for. I had a […]

Plank Face

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I’m now two for two concerning films from Bandit Motion Pictures that I thought would seem one way but end up seeming completely different. The trailer for Plank Face had me believing that this would be a very visceral and horrific journey; however, what I got instead was a more […]


Playing possum   Possum is a film that is fairly hard to describe as it fits into that sort of surreal/hallucinatory mood that will directly be influenced by your particular feelings. That being said, a few blanket terms could be tossed towards the film and they would mostly stick. Possum […]

Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead

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Premutos is by no means a great film or a pinnacle of the art, but goddamn if it isn’t satisfying. Premutos is the brainchild of German gore meister  Olaf Ittenbach; mostly known for the film the burning moon (which is also awesome in its own right). Premutos is basically Ittenbach […]