As a fan of horror films in general, I often find that sometimes there are certain films that no matter how shitty they are I enjoy them regardless; Wishmaster is one of those films. Released in ninety seven and directed by special effects whiz Robert Kurtzman, this piece of shit […]

Witch, the

the witch

Robert Eggers’s The Witch is a great film; it just might not be the one you thought you were going to see. The Witch is going to be one of those films that leave a large portion of the audience disappointed depending on their preconceived notions going into the film. […]

Would You Rather

would you rather

Would you rather? You know, the classic game in which contestants are asked to choose between doing one inane gross thing or another? It’s a game that embraces players of all ages and mind types’ and now it is also a film that lies close to the torture porn genre […]