Green Inferno, the

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When we reviewed Knock Knock the other week we decided to make it a two for one and review Eli Roth’s other new film (or newish but not that new film if you’ve followed the releasing fiasco it has been through). The good news is that it is far better […]


 Parents just don’t understand   If you thought your parents were weird you ain’t seen nothing yet! Parents is a weird and usually overlooked little film from the tail end of the eighties that was directed by Bob Balaban (who most know as either Russell the president of NBC on […]


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Raw is a French-Belgian film that falls into one of my favorite categories of film, the horror-meets-real-life/semi-taboo type that I usually categorize the last few Stuart Gordon films as. It did/has been making waves on the festival circuit as being one of those “can’t miss” horror films that critics love […]