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The Onetti brothers are back at it again! After creating a lovingly crafted (yet kind of boring) and visually great looking POV giallo-type film, the Onetti brothers are once again dipping their toes into the fantastic and haunting world of the giallo. While many of the more recent films that […]


Dario Argento has had his ups and downs through his career but rest assured that his ups are more than worthy of a viewing. Opera is in my personal opinion the last “great” Argento film (until he proves me wrong). It contains all the hallmarks of the classic Argento films […]



I love myself a good giallo so I’m pretty pleased to be reviewing Torso today. While it isn’t the best entry in the massive catalog of giallo films, it is certainly one of the better ones (even if it is outdone by other Sergio Martino films). Watching a giallo that […]

Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

you're vice is a locked door and only I have the key

I’m no stranger to the realm of the giallo. I’m at least ninety nine percent sure they are my favorite types of films. I own what seems like hundreds of them (and very well may be) and I enjoy even the shitty ones for some unexplainable fuckin reason. However, please […]