I am utterly convinced that Rob Zombie is nothing more than a one trick pony that accidently made one great movie and has simply been stringing his fans along in the hopes that it was more than just lightning in a bottle. They better get used to being strung along […]

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

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Sometimes a film comes along and becomes nearly universally acclaimed. Sometimes the film earned it and sometimes it’s all just hype (and in some cases it’s a bit of both). Now when a film like that comes along, if it deals in or near genres that I love the most […]

Abandoned, the

The Abandoned is one of those sad horror films, you know the type; It starts out fairly strong and actually has a lot of promise and a fair amount of professionalism behind it but then one day it just walks into your office and starts shitting itself and vomiting everywhere […]


The plot really is simple and does borrow heavily from many of the concepts of Rear Window but that isn’t to say that it is bad in any way. Mediocre would probably be the best description of the


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Absentia is one of those little films that come along every so often that has such God awful artwork that I’m tempted to never watch it but then I do and it turns out to be better than expected. Mike Flanagan directed this little indie gem for what most movie […]

Alien: Covenant

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The setup here is fairly uninteresting and rather typical as well. A ship full of colonists bound for a new world receives a distress signal and eventually they all end up on a strange foreign planet where things have gone oh so wrong…

Autopsy of Jane Doe, the

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a film that I would not describe as riveting, but I do think the word engrossing is rather appropriate, and I think it is one of the better horror films to come along in a while. The premise is simple yet interesting, a father […]

Babadook, the

Let me start by saying that out of the few exemplary Australian films I’ve seen in my life, The Babadook is certainly somewhere near the top. Jennifer Kent has crafted a tight little psychological thriller that has more than its fair share of creepy atmosphere. Essie Davis stars as Amelia, […]

Barrens, the

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The plot here is about a man (Moyer) who wants to get away from the stress and technological advancement of modern life, so he packs up his wife/girlfriend (Kirshner) and his two kids (Allie MacDonald and Peter DaCunha) and takes them all for a camping trip up to the beautiful pine barrens of…


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The plot here is either really simple and barely non-existent, or it’s overly complex and I just didn’t “get it.” A bunch of police officers are sitting around talking about shit and they get a call to go check out some rundown weird area, they crash their van, the weird area…